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We currently run three presses, with a fourth ear-marked for restoration - all are hand-fed. Each press is perfect for different jobs – large and short print runs, teaching, proofing and poster work.

Squintani Model no. 6

Manufacturer: C.G. Squintani & Co.
Date: c. 1870
Weight: Estimated to be ¾ tonne
Operation: Foot– with potential to be steam driven
Chase (Print) size: 9” x 13”
Details: This is a jobbing press. It’s a large clamshell platen with a revolving plate and fly wheel. More information here.


Manufacturer: Adana
Date: c. 1960
Operation: Hand
Chase (Print) size: 8”x5”
Chase (Print) size: 6”x4”
Chase (Print) size: 5”x3”
Details: A table top platen press is a traditional, transportable teaching press, and is a favourite of hobby printers because of its size.

Cropper Charlton Galley Proofing Press

Manufacturer: HS Cropper & Co. Ltd, Franklin Works, New Basford, Nottingham
Date: c. 1880
Operation: Hand
Chase (Print) size: 23” x 13” bed. 12” x 9” ink plate
Details: A proofing press does exactly what it says on the tin –it’s ideal for proofing a forme before printing on a larger jobbing press. It is also great for poster work because of the large bed.


Manufacturer: Adana
Weight: 308lbs
Date: 1947
Operation: Motor
Chase (Print) size: 7” x 11”
Details: Motorised table top press
Status: Awaiting restoration


Manufacturer: Adana
Weight: Est. 300lbs
Date: 1947
Operation: Foot
Chase (Print) size: 7” x 11”
Details: Treadle operated table top
Status: Awaiting restoration

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